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Dear Valued Customer

Gold Reef’s unique product formulations provide our customers with chemical solutions for the surface coating, adhesive, water treatment, detergent and carpet industries.

Gold Reef’s key strategic goal is to continuously create value for our customers. This is achieved through strategic investments strengthened by a culture of continuous improvement. The net results are superior products backed by exceptional service levels that add value to our customers.

Our rebranding reflects the birth of the new Gold Reef and highlights the huge improvements achieved in our organization over the past 3 years. Our commercial and manufacturing excellence programs ensure that we have globally acceptable processes. Our SHEQ and Product Stewardship programs ensure compliance in the manufacture and distribution of our products so that all stakeholders are not compromised in any way. Our journey to World Class Manufacturing so far, has unlocked significant transformations in our business and we are confident that as we progress on this journey we will continue to unlock value for our customers.

Gold Reef Special Achievements

Gold Reef Specialty Chemicals is proud to announce a significant achievement in obtaining two clean SANS audits this year. The first was the SANS ISO 9001:2008 audit that was conducted on the 24 June 2014 with zero major and zero minor findings. The second was the SANS ISO 14001 audit, conducted on 28 July 2014 and here again zero major and zero minor findings.
Gold Reef Specialty Chemicals has demonstrated a proactive approach to the sustainability of the environment, superior consistency and improved performance in all areas of the business and the two clean audits can be clearly attributed to the world class standards at this manufacturing site.